Shooting Time-lapse? Get More Power.

Depending on the duration of your record time, you may run out of power with the standard in-camera batteries.  Easy right… just swap ’em.  Oh wait, taking the camera of the tripod would screw up the consistency of the shot. Even if the batteries are accessible, you still want to avoid touching the camera. A subtle change in framing from a bumped camera will quickly destroy the illusion.

Try this instead:

  • Get a Grip. You can extend the life of your camera’s power capacity by using a battery grip. These can  attach to the bottom of your camera and allow you to use an additional battery (or even a higher capacity battery).
  • Go Direct. The other option is to switch to AC power. You may need to pick up the adapter as most camera’s don’t include one. Just make sure you have a backup plan like a generator or extension cords.

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